Our Vision

With more than 20 years of experience and know-how, we aim to bring the brand value to the global dimension and meet the different demands of the sectors within the framework of the project cycle.

Our aim is to constantly increase the level of firm awareness in the global contracting sector and to undertake different projects with global partnerships.

Our Mission

Acting on the basis of superior business ethics and honesty and taking into account the expectations of the customers, Al-Bayraq aims to fully satisfy its customers by producing optimum solutions.
Doing so by acting in a conscious manner in the application of efficiency and benefit-oriented solutions in an environmentally sensitive manner in national and international standards.
By closely following the technology, offering alternative solutions of its customers and teamwork, Al-Bayraq implements the strategic decision-making process, stick to its targets and makes the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction it is base for its global brand journey.

Al Bayraq

Is aware that human resources is the most significant factor for continuous success.

Is a company which is open to innovation, trusted, independent, consistently profitable, has a corporate culture.

Is a company that has the ability to offer solutions to the needs of its customers by combining the know-how with up-to-date technology.